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September 08, 2003



Clear thinking and writing in this and other posts.

nelson ascher

Allow me to call your attention to the following.
The just indignation with what Meacher said about Bush and 911 has possibly made most people commenting on him overlook the fact that he actually believes Roosevelt did the same thing with Pearl Harbour. Thus, his suspicion of America and its government goes much deeper since he repeats that most famous of canards.
Here's the relevant quote:

"There is a possible precedent for this. The US national archives reveal that President Roosevelt used exactly this approach in relation to Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941. Some advance warning of the attacks was received, but the information never reached the US fleet. The ensuing national outrage persuaded a reluctant US public to join the second world war. "

Robin Lewis

Wht do we make of Michael Meacher's comments?
The answer I sugest is this: What does a former 'bright young thing' do after he has squandered his political capital? How does he make himself relevant?
As Meacher's career has been one of bendng with every opportunistic breeze that has blown Labour's way, I suggest he is setting himself up to be the next Tony Benn (Their paths are remarkably similar: radical, moderate, minister, ex-minister, firebrand).
o I predict Meacher wil become the next Labour soothsayer in the tradition of Bevan, Soper, and Benn. He will find a niche in the left and his re-discovered radicalism (Anti-US, Anti-Israel, Anti-Capital, Pro-Union, etc etc)will find him fans among those who sit at the feet of the pillars of the Radical Left and wait to be fed 'Answers'. This he will receive standing ovations at Labour gatherings, earn column inches from newspapers devoid of other news on Saturday mornings, garner hisses and boos at Any Questions broadcasts, and thus reinvented become the darling of the Far Left replacing Tony Benn once he has shuffled off this mortal coil and settled into the workers paradise that is Heaven.
Don't be offended by Meacher's silly views. Think of them as afailed politician re-postioning himself for his old age. After all, everyone needs to be loved.


"Moreover Afghanistan has no major oilfields and the fabled pipelines foreseen by anti-war campaigners have never been built. "

US energy interests have been keen on Afgan pipelines for a while, see here*. What people like John Pilger get wrong is thinking that this is why the US invaded Afganistan. Their facts are right, it's just an incorrect inference, enabled by good old-fashioned leftie paranoia.


Peter Bocking

Meacher has accused the American Government of conspiracy to commit murder and treason,this is slander and should be treated as such

andrew linder

Actually, Meacher asked specific questions that, think of him how you will, need to be answered. It seems to me that he is only a beginning, representing the old rulling class contemptuous of the country bumpkins like you. You will hear more from the likes of him , Senator Byrd and still other genuine conservatives. But, just for my amusement, when exactly did Oberstrumfuhrer Wolfowitz argue for the overthrow of Pimochet and Marcos, and how often given his , and neo-cons', obsession with Iraq did he raise the project. Really, you right -wingers are running around like headless chickens now that 9/ 11 and Iraq , your projects, are unravelling.

And a hardy har-har-har.

A Trot

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