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March 23, 2004



"Another of my correspondents, with an equally prolific newspaper output, alights on a previously-unobserved ideological tension within Hamas's propaganda of the deed:

Given that they don't care about death, they seemed surprisingly irritated."

My thoughts exactly.

Mark T

As someone else noted, given he said that the day of his death would be the happiest day of his life, hasn't everybody got what they wanted?


I would say that the posturing about martyrdom is hypocritical -- not that we should care about killing these terrorists but the fact that many terrorist leaders actually do fear death supports the assassination policy as a deterrent.

It is instructive to note that not one Hamas, Islamic Jihad or Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade leader has sent his son on a suicide mission or has gone on one himself.

In fact, much of the leadership have sent their children out of the country.

Chicken-hawks they are...and I will be glad to see their brains splattered all over Gaza.


Far from the first time they've announce the opening of The Gates of Hell.
Why didn't they mention all those times in between when they apparently closed The Gates of Hell?


Somewhere (I don't have the book to hand), P.J. O'Rourke writes something along the lines of, 'Not since Franklin Delano Roosevelt rolled down the disability ramp to Hell...' (Not that I equate FDR with Yassin, of course, but I laughed at both. It makes me a bad person, I know.)

Peter Bocking

As a disabled person, I find Steven Pollard's statement distasteful,it was a terrible waste of a perfectly good wheelchair.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Well the Palistinian spokesmen always talk about the wheels being blown off the peace process. At least now they can use the phrase accurately.


Now that the wheelchair of violence has been destroyed, let us waste no time in ending the bicycle of violence.


you are all sick

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