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May 24, 2004


David T

Ah, John Callaghan’s The Far Left in British Politics. I lost my copy to an (ex-)friend some years ago. How disappointing to find that it is out of print.

David Duff

David T:
and I will be amazed if they fail to find you a copy of that book, or any other, come to that!


The Guardian didn't "exploit" Nick Berg's father by publishing him. He is a legitimate figure of interest, due to his son's head being cut off. It is silly to think the Guardian should be ashamed of giving him a forum. That he thinks we should have flooded Afghanistan with Marlo Thomas's Free to be, you and me after 9/11 shows a certain cluelessness, granted. Big deal. The objection to the nanny state is that it knows better than you do, and makes you do things like give up smoking in bars. The objection to the nanny press is that it knows better than you do, and censors articles all 'right thinking' people abhor. We have all too much of the nanny press.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Oliver, yet another excellent post by you on the vile organisation that is the Stop the War and the SWP. I find Berg father's comments to be objectionable in extremis, even though he had the right to make them. There is even some evidence that the father exploited his son's naivete, which eventually got him killed.

Clem Snide


In Australia, the Trots had considerable success in the early 1980's infiltrating the Nuclear Disarmament Party. Quite why Australia, a country with no nuclear weapons or power plants, needed a nuclear disarmament party was never adequately explained, since the true answer probably lay in the egos, inadequacies and messianic delusions of its leaders. In any case it attracted a lot of attention, since among its leaders was rock singer Peter Garrett and a number of prominent greenies. In fairly short order these prominent leaders announced they were quitting the party on the grounds that it had been infiltrated by Trots. The Trots whined about paranoia, but the party collapsed without celebrity support. Its supporters (at least the ones who never grew up) are now probably campaigning against the USA's current nuclear disarmament efforts.


Pro Iraq War organisations are highly unlikely to knowingly ally with the SWP and its fronts for obvious reasons.

But what of a group of Maoists who have declared their support for the war?

If they too represent a totalitarian ideology, antisemitic bent and intolerant (and often thuggish) conduct, would you also reject and condemn anyone who knowing allies with them or their front organisations?


When you say the SWP membership was "largely" students c.1977, can you give a percentage or numbers? Was it a majority? Just wanna know what your source is.


Nick Berg's slaughter was partly caused by the western press publication of the "abuse" portfolio.
How many more innocents will be butchered for the deeds of greedy Journalists ?


Shame on James Taranto for exploiting Michael Berg's grief for his own anti-guardian agenda. And shame on him for 'pathologizing' his statement (i.e., a mere 'expression of grief') rather than engaging with it as an argument. Typical vacuous journalese.

One-Eyed Undertaker

Shame on Nick Berg's father! Nick Berg believed in the liberation of Iraq. Out of respect he shouldn't sell out Nick's ideals for the crass political exploitation of a bunch of nuts.

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