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April 30, 2008




If NONE of the other candidates agree with your pretty unexceptioanble point then we really are in trouble!


If we're goinng to blame D.Finkelstein for Livinstone, I'm going to blame you for George Osborne...


The ultimate point is that many on the democratic left are disposed to vote an stalinist with the only argument, it seems the only available to today's left, that he is not from the right.
The left asking to be voted for what it is not.


Hi Oliver,

I do find it very difficult to get this worked up about Livingstone. Looking at his policies, he's a mildly social democratic politician, who's been a reasonably successful mayor of London, a city with its fair share of problems (as well as many attractions).

Your comments about his leadership of the GLC are moot. The leader of the GLC was never a directly elected politician; parties gained control of the council in the familiar way, standing on manifestos, and the leader came from the controlling party group.

Okay, there is a slight issue in that Labour campaigned under one leader and then transferred power to another, but it seems a pretty obscure point. They still went on to try to implement the manifesto they campaigned on.


Okay, there is a slight issue in that Labour campaigned under one leader and then transferred power to another, but it seems a pretty obscure point.

I always get told off for making this point about Brown. I find the responses only factually correct.

Anyone who thinks that Boris will want to appear racist, anti-business, or any of the other criticisms that not acting like Livingstone will lay him open to is delusional. Boris will commit all Ken's sins and pursue Tory social policy as well.

Barry Larking

Livingstone's departure is one crumb of comfort in the bleak years which I believe are coming into view. One should never forget that Livingstone flew to Los Angeles, California, to defend in court an IRA Sinn Fein gunman fighting extradition to England to face charges of murdering by shooting a uniformed unarmed London policeman.

He has been aided in London by some brilliant staff who have developed ideas in transport and infrastructure. In no small measure the rise and rise of the City of London induced by Thatcher's Revolution played to his advantage. Subsequently he exploited his celebrity to forge an identifiably separate foreign policy for London, one which has now been exposed and rejected. It amazes me he lost by so small a margin, an achievement which must be due to his principal opponent.

Will he now leave the scene? I fear not. A capacity for vanity coupled with an unscrupulous political nature will not quit the scene. Backs are there to be stabbed and Ken the Knife is now free as air.

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