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August 25, 2003


john b

Confused re the bracketed passage "This support...diplomatic isolation". Does it claim that Israel is a) a militarily powerful state and b) a state with strong international support, while India is neither a) nor b)?

Point a) seems questionable given the size of India's army and its nuclear deterrent, and b) seems a bit strange given the less-than-total support Israel has historically received from the international community.

Excellent post in general, however. The way that western observers tend to view India and Pakistan as equally at fault over Kashmir is even more perplexing than the perception strangenesses in Israel/Palestine...

Anticipatory Retaliation

It would seem that this recent rash of bombings might be the Islamicist Tet. Essentially, the three targets were Israel, Iraq, and India, which (aside from the fact they all begin with "I") are three of the countries that the muslim militants thinks are truly oppressive occupiers. It would not suprise me to see a large bombing in Chechnya and/or Afghanistan within the fortnight.

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