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August 31, 2003


James Hamilton

Matthew Turner did indeed announce recently that he'd joined the Conservative Party. However, I suspect that this had more to do with a jokey interplay between his blog and Peter Cuthbertson's than any real membership being taken out, and Matthew may prefer it to be seen that way. But I could be wrong, and he'll be along in a moment to confirm or deny anyway.

Francois Brutsch

You may add green, if a profile of Poujade published 3 years ago in the Spectator (link in my blog) is to be believed: his latest venture was "green petrol".



That was very interesting. Thanks. I didn't add anything in my post as I couldn't really remember much about him other than what was in the obituary.


Sorry I was late in arriving!

I am in fact a Tory blogger, as my membership came through the week before last -- A72141 is my number. I do consider myself the most left-wing member of the Tory party, but there's nothing I have done which breaches membership rules. But in many ways the Tory party is the best place for me -- free at the point of delivery higher education, more liberal policing and judicial policies, growing scepticism over the government's Iraq policy, etc etc.

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