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August 24, 2003


Michael J. Totten

Looks good!

I felt vaguely uncomfortable for a few days after I moved to Movable Type a month ago. But now I'm all settled in and bug free. You'll be happy here. It's not Movable Type, but it's made by the same good people.

Michael J. Totten

You might want to put up a post and a link on the old site to this one. I found the new site through Technorati, and otherwise wouldn't know it existed yet...

Jackie D

I am so happy about the font change that I could just about weep.

Francois Brutsch

I second Michael J. Totten's motion: I only knew about the change thanks to Norman Geras...

Francois Brutsch

Made a mistake in the url of my blog in the previous comment...

And since I still use the same template as Oliver's previous, I made a few changes to it to answer Jackie D's concern without having to move (I hope)!

David Duff

On behalf of my optician and myself may I say how grateful we are that your comments section can now be read from a distance exceeding three inches.
David Duff


Congratulations on the new site, much nicer than the old one.


Could you put up a link to your old blog?


I just managed to move my archives across top Typepad from Blogger. It's actually not so hard, you just follow the exporting instructions, get blogger to create a new blog at a new URL with just your old posts in text format, and then stick the URL into the relevant bit of Typepad and press Import. Seriously, it took me five minutes and I'm crap at these things.

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