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October 27, 2003


Anthony C

Least competant and most reactionary? Try adding most hypocritical to the list. Touting his principles around the television and radio stations, but never resigned from anything did he? Never let his principles drive him so far as to give up his ministerial Rover.

It's even worse now, when he's managed to get half the country thinking he's just a sweet old man who "tells it how it is". It makes me sick - Lecturing us on the dilution of Parliament's grand traditions. Funny, that didn't seem to bother him when it came to the grand old principle of collective responsibility in government.

The silly old fool.

David Duff

I remember someone at the time suggesting that the industrial subsidy given to Concorde should have been called an Arts Council grant!
David Duff


It's a bit harsh to say they 'never paid for their tickets'. If Concorde made an operating profit after 1984 then at least some money was recouped -- it would have not made sense to stop it flying, would it? Surely then the losses would have been even higher?

Benjamin Keen

Operating costs are rather tricky for transportation though. Is there adequate accounting for things like heavy overhauls?

I'm more conscious of the situation in the cases of railroading; a North American freight railroad needs an operating ratio of about 0.80 to be healthy because it has an immense depreciating physical plant that must be maintained. Something of this nature may be true to a lesser extent of a system like Concorde - parts for instance must be breathtakingly expensive compared to a 'commodity' airliner like a 737.


Benn has never been right about anything. Until the Iraq war???

Anthony C

Yeah, I thought the sight of a doddering old idiot sitting in Baghdad gently tossing laughably soft questions to a mass murdering dictator was a deeply edifying spectacle.

Clem Snide

"The man who would later insist on the inclusion in Labour's programme of a commitment to a 'fundamental and irreversible shift in the balance of wealth and power to working people and their families' was responsible for precisely the opposite effect in government."

That's not just Tony Benn. That is pretty much the contemporary definition of socialism.

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