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October 11, 2003


Anthony C

Hey, on my return from the pub blogging last night I compared your views with those of Stephen Pollard AND last week I made an IDS/Kinnock parallel on the comment's section over at Iain Murray's place.

Am I a bold visionary or what?

Seriously though, that's pretty much bang on.


Accusing the Conservative party of economic populism because they advocate the abolition of student fees is wrong. On that basis are you also arguing that fees should be introduced at school level for 5th and 6th year pupils? Any economist knows that students as a whole more than pay their way in society after they graduate. There is nothing at odds with sound economic policy or Conservative principle by granting children access to a free education.

Stating that Conservatives are in "enduring decline" is nonsense as is shown in the polls and the last set of elections. Maybe their recovery is slow, definitely slower than would be preferred, but slow recoveries and decline are not the same.

If you have respect for Tony Blair, that is your choice; many people have respect for celebrities whose delivery and most importantly their "charisma", attract supporters regardless of their actual views. I for one however, generally cringe when a capable singer, sportsman or actor abuses their position of influence to pass political comment on issues that they have no real understanding of. In the same way, while Mr Blair undoubtedly comes across as a man with great charisma and seems to many to be very believable his performance and that of his government could scarcely be worse, at least on the domestic front.

Since 1997 Britain has been subjected to the most outrageous scandals and incompetence. When Mr Blair said he had no plans to put up taxes and then proceeded to put them up 60 times, why shouldn't he be labelled a liar. You say that is incorrect but if it is, what definition of 'liar' are you using? Perhaps the one that also never applied to Mt Byers, who didn't in fact lie to Parliament but merely “deliberately mislead them” as Estelle Morris would say.

The scars inflicted on our economy by this Labour government will possibly take generations to heal. For those who have retired recently or will soon it is tough luck for them that their hard work and saving have been squandered. This awful government have themselves now said that people should start working until they are 70. Our country has literally wasted billions of pounds in the last few years and worse still has slipped unnecessarily into debt. The economic future, unlike in 1997, now looks very bleak.

To compare Neil Kinnock and Iain Duncan Smith is really the most terrible mistake. Your criticism of IDS is all about his surface presentation, his terrible delivery and his total lack of charisma. Kinnock was the exact opposite; it was his loony left policies that kept returning Conservative administrations not his appearance. You may be right that the thing they do have in common is that neither will ever have made it as Prime Minister but for all Tony Blair's style over substance we will be the worse for it.

Anthony C

If, as you assert, "Any economist knows that students as a whole more than pay their way in society after they graduate", could you please explain why the present Conservative policy, which will slash student numbers dramatically, is a Good Thing?

That said, I can see from your praise of the economy in 1997 that you are a Ken Clarke man. Bravo.


I dont think anyone should be trying to slash student numbers. I think there should be a finite number of places available and pupils can compete to fill them. I actually thought that was the case; it certainly was when I went to university. The number of places for each course didn't simply rise with demand, just the grades required for entrance.

Bravo, Ken Clarke. He should have been made leader after the last election. Biggest Tory mistake.


er...the only polls that are good for the Tories are done by YouGov who work for them...


Which poll shows that the Conservatives are a party of enduring decline then? Certainly not the council elections last year.

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