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November 03, 2003



Any thoughts on Mr. Judt's previous article in the NYRB (in which he advocated a binational solution in the Middle East), Oliver? Leon Wieseltier was pretty harsh on it in the 10/27 issue of the New Republic- rightly so in my opinion.

Phil Rodgers

In 2001 the Folkestone & Hythe result was Michael Howard 45%, Lib Dem 32%, Labour 20%, so (all else being equal) two thirds of the Labour vote would have to shift tactically to unseat Howard. This isn't completely unprecendented, though the only precendent I can immediately think of is the 1997 Winchester by-election, where five sixths of the Labour vote disappeared, the bulk of it going to Lib Dem Mark Oaten.

George Peery

Oliver, on the subject of "unsparing reviews", I hope you have an opportunity to comment on Eric Griffiths' devilish send-up of Terry Eagleton in the 17 Oct TLS. It left blood on the walls.


Yes, I'd very much enjoy hearing how Eagleton got bashed. Unfortunately, I missed that one.

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