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December 13, 2003


john b

I take some pride in having drafted an election manifesto so right-wing that Hamilton was incapable of outflanking it

Good to know the "being a man of the left" is working out for you...

please, Mr Hamilton, do not allow your name and reputation to be used by publications of such standards of ethics and veracity.

I know there's some irony intended here, but anyway...

The way I read the LM case is that while the magazine was horribly wrong, it did what its editors believed was right. Remember that although the Bosnian Serb atrocities were the worst of that conflict, the media ignored the horrible things done by the other two sides - and LM was an outfit that was sceptical of / hostile to Big Media to start with. A reasonable conclusion is that LM genuinely believed ITN made up war crimes to suit its agenda.

ITN was, of course, legally entitled to defend its reputation in court (whether going on to hound LM to ruin was a morally just move or an egregious assault on a harmless, marginal, and interesting publication is a question for the gallery).

Neil Hamilton, meanwhile, is a shameless, self-enriching liar.

It would be a challenge to draft a consistent and plausible moral code under which the editors of LM were considered the ones of lower moral fibre.

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