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December 22, 2003


Daniel Rees

I've commented in more detail on this at http://www.point-of-information.co.uk/blog/2003_12_21_point-of-information_archive.html#107213615025244180.

I do think you're a little harsh on old Charlie; for all intents and purposes, the march, whilst organised by the Stop the War Coalition, was merely a march against the government's policies rather than in favour of those of the Stop the War Coalition.

By far the most interesting point relating to Charles Kennedy's policy on Iraq, however, is the fact that he keeps avoiding the issue of humanitarian justification for the war. Not once have I heard Charles Kennedy say that we should have gone to war to guarantee human rights for Iraqis that elsewhere he deems universal. Rather, he has insisted that we should have only have gone to war if the weapons inspectors had found WMDs and Iraq had refused to comply with decommissioning, or if the weapons inspectors had been hindered in their task (which arguably they had).

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