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December 13, 2003


Peter Bocking

I always find it sick making when salon marxists play the brave revolutionary in tolerant western democracies.This however is incitement to commit murder and surely must be a hate crime of some sort.The old excuse that the political ends justify the means is no longer acceptable,this nasty little doctrine left over from the 20th century needs to be stamped out now.

Rajeev Advani

Hi Oliver, I share your views entirely regarding Arundhati Roy and Tariq Ali. The latter I spoke with briefly last week - I wrote about it on my website at www.fullcontext.com (scroll to the bottom). Understandably, most intelligent people find it's "below them" to debunk the obvious fallacies pontificated by these frauds - the goal of my new website is to devote myself to rigorously challenging all their views, as their following is far greater than it should be.

Patrick Heenan

I've nothing to add on Tariq Ali or Arundhati Roy, but what did Virginia Woolf - or, perhaps, her over-enthusiastic fans? - ever do to you to deserve being bracketed with Ms Roy? Do you single out The Waves because, in your view, it's especially bad, or because you think it's typical of her work? Never mind all this wallowing in political indignation and nostalgia - it's the weekend and the People demand to know why you're so afraid of Mrs W.

PS Congratulations, in any case, on the excellent piece about Norm Geras. I'll be interested to see how he responds to being likened to Sidney Hook, who explicitly rejected Marxism, did he not? Not that doing so prevented Hook from saying some worthwhile things, any more than it would prevent Norm from going on saying them; just that, if he ever did reject Marxism, he'd have to relaunch his blog all over again, again.

hans ze beeman

Hi Oliver, thanks for mentioning this. I'm disgusted beyond words by these profascist individuals; the irony is that these people have reimported the totalitarian views from the ME which Nazi Germany itself had strengthened there before and during WW2 (e.g. Egypt). I.e., the 68ers (at least those in charge of this horrible campaign) in Germany have adopted the positions of their fathers by changing labels; they are still seen as those who have started discussion about the Nazi past by most here, but their interior is in line with Islamofascism - that is, Nazism.

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