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January 26, 2004



I once listened to a company director explaining that Government should lend money to Third World governments at low interest rates in order that they could buy British exports. During his speech, he remarked that "of course, there is a history of never paying the money back...". Exports were A Good Thing, even as a free gift.

David Gillies

I've a lot more time for the Institute of Directors than the CBI. The latter is stuffed with people like Jones - the sort of corporatist mendicants that, as a libertarian capitalist, I execrate. If TB really were a friend of industry, rather than a friend of 'Industry', he'd light a bonfire under the mound of pettifogging blather that Whitehall, in concert with Brussels, has promulgated in the last few decades.

Kieron McNulty

Dear Oliver and Co

You really are consistent liberals! its refreshing to see a principled approach to economics. It is of course completely bonkers and ignores all of history but it is great. keep up the good work!



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