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January 27, 2004



Mr. Kamm,

I wish to express my disgust with Mr. Dearden.

No, it is not at all obvious.

Reem Al-Rayashi was not impoverished nor was she desperate. Nor did she commit suicide. She murdered four people by exploding a bomb hidden on her person and in the process she also was killed.

Not at all addressed, but what needs to be, is whether these acts of mass murder are indeed suicide? They are not. People who feel hopeless, helpless, despairing and cut-off from human contact, sadly do take their own lives, but are not compelled to commit mass murder. The conflation of this tactical form of organized terrorist mass murder to personal tragedy, is a sickening and cynical, political ploy.

And when then, if ever, is the aggrieved or desperate among us not sanctioned to commit suicide mass murder? What then are the circumstances that would not justify it? And who would adjudicate this distinction? Mr. Dearden? Me? Who?

No, this is not a slippery slope, it is a cliff over which, Mr. Dearden and his ilk have plummeted.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Well said MeTooThen. You made it very clear, well except to those who simply ignore your point in their blind support for Palestinians of all types.


Dearden is just using Dr Tonge and Palestine as a vehicle for standard Socialist Workers Party agit prop.

Tim Newman

You may be interested to know that the General Secretary of War on Want between the years of 1983 and 1987 was none other than George Galloway.


Morons all of you.

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