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February 24, 2004


Jackie D

I don't wish to enter into a discussion about elocution, but whenever Brian Sewell comes up, I always remember what Paul Merton had to say about him: "His accent is so posh that even the Queen takes the **** out of him." I hate to cast aspersions on Mr Sewell's pedigree, but his accent does strike me as the fakery of an insecure snob.

David Gillies

Hear hear. I too find Brian Sewell to be one of those reliable anti-bellwethers whose opinion I can use to form my own, diametrically opposed one. He recently castigated the Lloyd-Webber pre-Raphaelite exhibition as 'chocolate box art'. Anyone who says that of John William Waterhouse or Edward Burne-Jones has no worthwhile aesthetic that I recognise.

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