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April 07, 2004


John Costello

Actually there's nothing new here. The WCC, or World Council of Churches No One Listens to Anymore, would gleefully slit their own throats if they thought it would be PC.


I thought the WWC merged with the WWF a couple of years ago, shows what I know.


Happy holidays Oliver - keep up the good work.

S. Lewis

"I think it was 'Blessed are the cheesemakers'."

"Ahh, what's so special about the cheesemakers?"

Andrew Ian Dodge

And these idjits wonder why there are so many of us driven away from the Church(es)? I too have read some of the dross coming out of the WCC. It is either bland garbage or near-as-damnit suppor of terrorists/anti-Israeli rhetoric. MCJ focuses a decent bit of time on this group.

Daniel in Medford

Actually, I find it refreshing, in a way. At least they're honest about which side they're on, and how uncompromising they are about it.

best wishes to all for a happy and healthy Easter and Passover,
Daniel in Medford


I hope you're having a good, well-deserved holiday, though you're sorely missed. Hurry back!... Sally in Toronto


These people simply wouldn't know racism if it bumped into them, and it frequently does somehow.

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