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April 19, 2004



I'm not saying that he is going to be killed soon but he probably should not waste any money buying green bananas.

Peter Cuthbertson

Someone should also probably tell his life insurance company.


One of the commentators on Tim Blair's blog has created a Hamas job advert.



I fear that Bush and Blair "ripped up" the roadmap to peace because Arafat never really signed up to it in the first place. It was a dead duck because the Palestinians never had the serious intention to address their main responsibility - to tackle terrorism. So the IDF are doing it for them, and very effectively if I may say so. I get tired of hearing Palestinian commentators saying that the IDF have prevented the PA from tackling terrorism. The truth is that the Palestinians have never made the strategic decision to dismantle terrorist structures in Gaza and the West Bank. Until they do so, the main losers will continue to be the Palestinian people, a fact that those who support the Palestinian cause should dwell on.


Arafat is always extremely quick in mobilising his forces when Hamas threaten his own position, but strangely impotent when Israel is attacked.

Barry Meislin

The truth is that the Palestinians have never made the strategic decision to dismantle terrorist structures in Gaza and the West Bank.

What escapes me, though is just why the PA, having set up such "terrorist structures" (and having armed, trained and encouraged them at every opportunity) to work independently as well as in conjunction with Hamas and Islamic Jihad should be expected to dismantle these "terrorist structures."

One might further ask why the PA media apparatus has been involved, from the onset of the current intifada, in such hateful incitement against Israel and bent on denying any connection between Jews and the land between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea (but I suspect this query would be viewed by all too many either as lacking all justification or as a total non sequitur).


I am quite sure the "roadmap" provided for negotiations and Israeli withdrawal after a reduction of terrorism. How unilateral Israeli withdrawal (that is, before a reduction in terrorism) constitutes a destruction of this plan is beyond me.
The only thing the Palestinians have lost is the potential support of the US in demanding complete withdrawal and "right of return" (and let's be honest, they never had US support for these anyway). This does not mean they may not demand these things in the future. It just means Americans say they won't help them. Where in the "roadmap" does it say the US obligated to help the Palestinians on these issues?


I passed this on to the BBC--with no results to date.

And the man was giving an INTERVIEW to The Times for crying out loud.

Maybe the BBC people were just too busy to read it yet?

What the IDF's excuse is, I have yet to fathom.

Daniel in Medford

in re the IDF: I believe that they generally refrain from issuing press releases concerning information they do, or do not, yet have.

If it suits them to do so, they will announce their recognition of Mr. Zahar, when the time is right, with some well-aimed heavy weaponry. No prior press release is necessary.

Daniel in Medford

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