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June 15, 2004


Johnlouis Swaine

Excellent article. Nice to find a concise and thorough extrapolation of the Lib Dems ill founded policy on Iraq. It's a shame so many people are so unwilling to see it.

British Spin

Nice one Oliver, congrats on making it in the Times. I wonder how many US bloggers (so full of puff that they are) are writing in the NYT or
Wa Po Op-Ed pages. My guess? None.

David T

"It is throwing a match into a barrel of oil,” worried Baroness Williams of Crosby, the Lib Dem leader in the House of Lords"

Unless it is a volatile distilate of petroleum, surely throwing a match into a barrel of oil will result in the match being extinguished?

Andrew Ian Dodge

BS, actually quite a few North American bloggers write for big name newspapers including Colby Cosh, Glenn Reynolds, Iain Murray to name a few. That is not to belittle Oliver having a piece in Times. Congratulations mate.

Back to matter at hand. When, if ever, have the Lib-Dems been right about anything in the foreign policy arena?

Yes if you chuck a match into a barrel of oil it will go out.


A great Liberal called Lloyd George was against appeasing Hitler, and did a good job in the First World War too, but that was some time ago and a very different Liberal Party.


Lloyd George was against appeasing Hitler, was he?


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