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June 01, 2004


Peter Black

All I did was link to the report. I do not accept that this amounts to endorsing the organisation nor to accepting their endorsement. If you want to read it that way then that is your prerogative but it is a pecularly twisted point of view even for you.

Oliver Kamm

I didn't say you endorsed the organisation or accepted its endorsement. I said, to the contrary, that you and other serving Liberal Democrat politicians would regard MAB's views with revulsion. I even, in order to avoid blurring that point, scrupulously refrained from mentioning that your party leader spoke from the platform of the Muslim Association of Britain (jointly organised with CND and the Stop the War Coalition - a front organisation for the totalitarian and antisemitic Left) last year. I merely suggested that, given the conjunction of MAB's favourable view of your party and its grotesque opinions on an issue that it specifically cites when praising the Lib Dems, you and other Liberal Democrat politicians would wish explicitly to reject that endorsement and urge anyone swayed by MAB's recommendation to vote for other candidates. I infer from your comment that my supposition was mistaken, but I am unclear why it was twisted. There is an important issue here about, metaphorically speaking, the hygiene of British politics, and for reasons of their own the Liberal Democrats have not been taking it seriously.


The MEMRI article referred to is still available here.


Astoundingly the BBC described the MAB as a mainstream and pretty moderate organisation, a few weeks ago. I do not have statistics on this, but it appears that news organisations have increasingly opted to go to MAB for a "Muslim view", rather than The Muslim Council of Great Britain, which I find slightly disturbing.


Presumably the MAB's views are more in tune with the BBC's views. We should not be surprised.

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