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July 09, 2004


L. Barnes

Noam Chomsky agrees with this explanation of the role professional sports plays in the Grand Conspiracy. How wise the grate man is. All games of "sport" are decided in advance and play-acted. Cackling, lox-and-bagel-munching Jews mastermind the entire puppet show. Fans who wish to restore true Sport should immediately don protective tinfoil hats.

David Gillies

Note also the trite question-begging in assuming that the realities of most people's lives are grim. I dare say it's pretty grim in sub-Saharan Africa these days, but it's hardly the adjective I'd use to describe the existence of the average 'working class' Briton (whatever the hell that means in 2004). On the other hand, it's not hard to see why the typical member of the SWP is sunk in despondency. I believe the psychologists call this 'projection'.


I do hope these people remember to feed the ferret before exchanging their cloth caps for a tin helmet and marching off to the front.

Clem Snide

"I CAN see why working class people get excited over football"

Well, he would. After all, as a member of the Socialist Workers Party, he must be dealing with salt-of-the-earth, working-class, noble savages all the time, helping them to knot their handkerchiefs and roll up their trouser legs. I wonder, though, why the Capitalist-Zionist cabal uses sport to brainwash us into giving our lives on the front line in the next war, when there are far more effective means at their disposal.

Andrew Ian Dodge

Paranoia it'll destroy you!

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