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July 14, 2004



I have known Peter Tatchell since my days as a fellow campaigner with OutRage! (in the early 90s). He was always a frustrating person to work alongside (control freak would be an understatement); I also never shared his other political view points (eg on "animal rights") - and we diverge hugely on Israel, Iraq etc etc. However, there is no doubt in my mind that Oliver is absolutely spot on in his observations about Tatchell's basic decency and humanity - "Unlike so many extremist Labour candidates of that period, he was affable, good-humoured, thoughtful and transparently decent. I liked him, and reflected to my embarrassment that he was politically more tolerant of me than I was of him".
Peter lives frugally and although he is addicted to the limelight of newsrooms, he has undergone a considerable amount of self-sacrifice for his beliefs (unlike careerist, self-serving gay rights campaigners like Angela Mason, formerly of Stonewall, Michael Cashman et al). He's lived with constant threats to his personal safety and with abuse from gays and straights alike. I've seen him spat at by gay men in London's Soho as well as threatened with death by Muslim activists.

Peter has a quixotic belief in human progress and is indefatigable in his personal commitment to the values of tolerance and equality in which he believes. In these respects, he is the polar opposite of the hate-filled, ignorant and dangerous goons in Respect and their Islamo-Fascist comrades.

Tim Worstall

My views of him changed immensely when he attempted that arrest of Mugabe. I will admit to still thinking he's a kook but a decent one. Yes, I know that doesn't make much sense but there we are.


I was once the witness to an Outrage! attack. Back in the early nineties their activists burst into a meeting of the Labour Party National Executive Committee. I think they were attempting to tip a large sack of white feathers over David Blunkett who was chairing the meeting at the time. It all went pair shaped. Mr Blunketts's dog was terrified. The guy carrying the sack of feathers tripped over the Engineering Union delegate and emptied the sack over of feathers him in the process. Another Outrage! member tried to photograph the event but I don't think his camera was working. It was like an episode of Tiswas.

The comments about Michael Casman above are ungracious and incorrect. My office is next to his. I see the letters and hear the phone calls. He has made a great contribution to liberation campaigning and still does.


Another blog gone dead. Heigh-ho.

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