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July 26, 2004


john b

Are you accusing Trostsky of being a sympathiser with the Bolsheviks' murderous regime because he believed in the higher good of communism, or of being a genocidal antisemite?

The former is true, obviously, but to imply the latter is dishonest. The first quote may be redolent of Nazis, but comes long before their emergence; the second quote is saying "even if my whole race is destroyed, if the result is communism then we should be proud to die". Silly, but not Nazi.

David T

I suspect that there are some nominally trotskyite groups who would apply the apparent sentiment of that quote out of context, however.


'exposed to the world' she meant to say 'was responsible for'.

The two are not mutually exclusive. While it is not true to say that he was the very first significant figure to 'expose' Stalinism, he did expose it. That he was partly responsible for its horrors is another matter, but Redgrave cannot be dismissed as a 'lunatic' on the basis of the above. Is it not plausible that his 'exposure' of Stalin in part stemmed from a recognition of culpability?

Trotsky 'as he really was' - the phrase should immediately arouse suspicion. One immediately suspects a journalistic 'debunking' exercise; one senses a simplistic opposition between appearance and reality; the stripping away of myths to expose the fallible and unpleasant truth is itself the most banal of tropes.

'As he really was' was doubtless contradictory - fascinating, repellent, brave, cowardly, impossibly and cruelly utopian. It is unlikely that an inveterate anti-Semite would count George Steiner amongst his admirers. Ok, bad example..

Paul Anderson

I've posted some old and rather damning material on the WRP on my blog here. Enjoy!

Scott Adler

Does anyone know anything about the attempt, I believe in the 1980's, to blacklist Jewish actors?

Laurence Olivier put a stop to it, I recall, but it would help my research if anyone could email me more information. williamscottadler@hotmail.com


Neocons have a soft spot for good ole Leon Davidovich Bronstein. Why shouldn't they? They're his intellectual heirs as One World ideological fanatics and warmongers. Conquest by other means-- finance capitalism dolled up as "modernity", instead of workers' power.

Witness born-gain neocon Christopher Hitchens's encomium in this month's "Atlantic Monthly":


Here, trace the direct intellectual line of descent from the Man via his US admirers:


The more one investigates this "left v right" business, the more of a scam it appears.

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