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February 23, 2008


Richard W. Symonds

Spoken like a true Henry Jacksonite.

Richard Perle (et al) will be proud of you.

Richard W. Symonds

David Boothroyd

It all depends what you mean by 'proud'. I hope, Mr Symonds, that you always pay for your railway tickets.


Syria and Israel have meddled in Lebanon for over 30 years. Chomsky has in various writings that go back over a similar period referred to, and described, these meddlings. In particular, the Fateful Triangle published in 1983, which had Christopher Hitchens once commenting on its "sustained brilliance" (perhaps you could remind him?) covers the subject in immense detail.

However, it has been pointed out dozens of times over the years, as you well know, that Chomsky focuses on Israel's actions because it is supported by the US to a level financially, economically, politically and diplomatically, that is unique in the world. Hence, as a US citizen he believes that he has a moral responsibility for the actions of the US government, and hence on what Israel, as a major US client does in the region. This is because all US citizens, surely, have some responsibility when Israel say covers southern Lebanon with cluster bombs.

With most western media, academics and commentators overwhelmingly supportive of US and UK interests regardless of the actions undertaken, as one would expect, then having just one or two marginal voices that illustrate a different view and perspective in the face of the incessant cacophonous roaring of the bewildered herd is surely a good thing.

As you know these views and perspectives are essentially absent from mainstream western culture, news, drama and documentary. So I have to ask why your continual focus on Chomsky's writings in this way? They actually have very little influence on any individual or institution that has real power, whose actions the bewildered herd are all to happy to justify.

Kind Regards,

Ps. I was impressed with your comments regarding Castro's recent resignation as leader of Cuba on C4 news recently. I thought your calls for constructive engagement by the US and the EU were very positive.

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