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February 29, 2008



Leave im olly es not worf it

Normal mouth

immoderation was not my intent. You write many articles worth reading. Too many, however, are dedicated to goading those who have little interesting to say. I see no value in it.


It's the humane decision Oliver, but I will miss him when he's gone


I don't agree with NM.

The Guardian has a claim to being the establishment newspaper. Neil Clark gets published in it and on its blog. It is the source for much information and opinion. Therefore it is only right and proper that it and its writers be held to account.

Your argument amounts to saying that Clark is a minnow and should be ignored. I would have sympathy for this if the views of Clark were published only on his blog, or even just in the Spectator. Then Oliver would be wrong.

I would also have sympathy if Clark's views were held by a tiny minority: a David Icke article can be safely ignored. However Clark's views are held by a disturbingly large number of people. The left in this country (to their credit) generally recognise the culpability of Serbian communist/nationalist in the massacres that mark the disintegration of Yugoslavia.
However, in the US and elsewhere, many on the left don't. Opinions offering support to such positions need challenging.

More generally on the left, there is still an excess of sympathy for the Communist Bloc countries. Seumas Milne wrote articles defending the Soviet Experience. Only this week a large number of Labour MPs called an Early Day Motion crediting Fidel Castro.


"Only this week a large number of Labour MPs called an Early Day Motion crediting Fidel Castro."

In this context it's worth noting that when Clark recently visited Cuba for the first time, he found the confrontation with the reality behind the rhetoric to be a somewhat sobering experience - and, to his credit, was honest enough to admit it.

Thus far, there's little sign that he's applied this valuable lesson to his other hobbyhorses (every time he extols the virtues of the 1970s, one should always remember that he's talking about childhood memories), but one can always live in hope.


What a shame. He is my favourite character on the site.

Perhaps you could write one NC article a month for us die-hard fans. Idiocy at his level is so rarely as public, or as prolonged.



The "Abingdon Constabulary" is also surely an imaginary construct. Perhaps you mean Thames Valley Police.

Oliver Kamm

True enough. I do mean the Thames Valley Police, though I think I prefer the name I made up.

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