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February 05, 2008


Tim Jones

"Unless you already agree with me that the Iraq War was a just and necessary intervention, it is unlikely I can say anything to convince you now."

You give up too easy.


Love your blog as any admirer of long sentences must. Your logic is off here though (or at least the juxtaposition of your second to last sentence is a little deceiving). The right's disatisfaction with McCain is largely on free speech grounds to which if I have been reading you correctly might concern you as well (it concerns me too though not to the point where I would pick another conteneder of either party over him), as well as his stance on what is seen as rewarding illegal behavior by legalizing illegal immigrants (something he has backtracked on recently). His embrace of Phil Gramm and his concession that he was wrong to oppose the Bush tax cuts since he believes they essentially worked in hindsight has somewhat squared him with conservatives on that issue. The "disapprobation in which he's held by the Right" is completely unrelated to his stance on security which I am guessing you knew.


Long sentences? Hmn. In literary terms I'd say OK's style is a fusion of Yvor Winters and Jane Austen, plus namecalling spice.

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