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March 24, 2008



If Obama believes Truman was wrong, then that isn't an illegitimate position; but it is one that would cost him the presidency...

Only if he were actually to admit holding it, which is a different thing!

Actually, I'm kicking myself a bit with Obama's church - I wrote a short blog entry on the subject way back in 2004 and noted Wright's use of the "Black Value System". It seemed like fairly innoucous and unexceptional black self-help/community responsiblity stuff; if only I'd dug deeper I might have had a bit of a scoop!


Steve Sailer has been on the case for a year or more: http://isteve.blogspot.com/search/label/Rev.%20Dr.%20Jeremiah%20A.%20Wright%20Jr.

Justin JJ

If you read Wright's comment in the larger context of the sermon, he's not arguing against the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He's trying to highlight a certain American hypocrisy in claiming blank-slate victimhood from 9/11 while having been responsible, rightly or wrongly, for tremendous death and destruction itself within the recent past. It's a largely rhetorical point about the karma of foreign policy, not a specific indictment of Truman.

This isn't to say that Wright's rhetorical point is correct, either. There's a much more arguable formulation of it, but the tradition of preaching in which Wright operates celebrates effective hyperbole more than defensible articulation.


Good lord, you have a link to Oona King's web site in your side-panel! You must be a five star, card-carrying loon.


The Hiroshima question would be a fair one to put to Obama, but aren't you and Hitchens being just a tad unfair to him? I watched his recent speech in its entirety and he made it clear that he disagreed with Wright's more controversial statements.
He also painted a picture of what makes African-Americans feel the way that they do about their place in US society, and pointed at the route towards better racial harmony.
A very brave, mature and articulate speech - the furthest thing from a "disappointment" that one could imagine!


I was hopeful about Obama until his I learned about his "spiritual" mentor. His weasel speech mades me detest him.


"So far as I am aware ..."

Do you have a rule for using "so...as" instead of "as...as"? The rule I use is "always use 'as ... as'".

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