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April 21, 2008



It is curious that the political ideas are often considered a matter of self-identification, nor guides to achieve some objective, very often shared by both sides no matter different values.
In that way, you are not suposed to have the idea that in some matters the govern must intervene, but you ARE a socialist (or a liberal). Seeing things that way, you cannot never change your mind, but you become a renegade.
I read the Guardian article and was not able to avoid the feeling that the author was always seeing things as falling from light into darkness.
Once again, politics following the path of teology (for some centuries now).


"unless you assume that anti-totalitarianism is by definition a conservative position"

Indeed I do. Conservatism is nothing if not for Freedom, preferably under a minimal government. It is not about Politics. Politics is the dirty but necessary means to achieve power, it should have nothing to do with what you do once you have achieved power - that is Policy. I wish Socialists would do this sometimes.

Neo-conservatism is quite a different animal, being the creation of mostly renegade Liberals. Liberals come with much political baggage due to their Marxist roots. To become true Conservatives they would have to dump it all. The only political "theory" embraced by Conservatives is Evolution, and Evolution is far smarter than any politician - that is why it is better to get out of the way and let it operate.


Well I understand the argument is that "I didn't leave the left, the left left me".
In the past, they were leaving the far left for the mainstream. eg. Orwell et al.

That works when you consider the mainstream left of the 1950s and 1960s. Kennedy or his British equivalents made sure there was clear blue water between themselves and the extremists. I'm not sure that's true today. It seems to me that the mainstream left is surprisingly tolerant of or in agreement with the extremists. In sum I suggest that your critics who scream neocon are now the mainstream left. Or to put it another way, their worldview is becoming dominant in left circles.

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