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April 15, 2008



It seems the UN Human Rights Council have done it again in appointing Richard Falk. Along with Mr Falk, they recently appointed Jean Ziegler by 40 votes to 7.

Ziegler had 'total support' for Castro's revolution in Cuba, even after he started elminiating opponents and locking up jornalists.

And Ziegler has a bit off a soft-spot for Robert Mugabe, claiming he 'has history and morality with him'. Of course he does.

Alongside visiting Saddam Hussein, Kim Il-Sung, calling the US an 'imperialist dictatorship', supporting Ethiopian dictator Mengistu, and calls the Israeli occupation of the West Bank 'the worst in the history of colonialism.'

And now we have this Falk bloke too on the UN HRC. Lunatics taking over the asylum, or something like that.


Speaking of conspiracy cranks (and the excellent 9/11 myth debunking blog Screw Loose Change had a piece about Falk a couple of weeks ago) did you see the interview with Robert Fisk that appeared in The Observer on Sunday? He said Ahmadinejad was so bad he might as well work for the Israelis, and "perhaps he does."

Oh dear.

Snorri Godhi

"Ramsey Clark's enthusiasm for mass murderers and despots exceeds even that of anyone else called Clark."

OK, but does it exceed the enthusiasm for the same shown by G.B. Shaw and Noam Chomsky?

Stephen Fox

'Falk complains: "President Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski [Carter's National Security Adviser] have until very recently associated [Khomeini] with religious fanaticism".'
Wow. Here is a man for whom even the mealymouthed appeasers Carter and Brzezinski are secular fundamentalists.
It's a scary world out there...

Slightly off topic but Neil, I gathered from the link to that interview with Fisk that he refers to himself in the third person as 'Mr Bob', and asks people if they have 'read any Fisk'. That was as far as I needed to go, and I salute your bravery in venturing so much further into the matter.

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