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May 25, 2008


Barry Meislin

As far as being a believer, unreconstructed or reconstructed (or in various stages of construction or deconstruction), in the welfare state, hasn't it been shown time and time again, and even as we speak, that "welfare state" is an orwellian oxymoron of the most destructive kind?

Though I suppose one must ask: what do you mean by the "welfare state"?

Paul Power

Re Brecht and the purges & show trials.

I've heard this (possibly abbreviated) story before. I have no wish to defend Brecht, but there's something I'd like to have clarified.

The purges & show trials were of Communists by Communists, at the behest of Stalin. The victims were therefore complicit in imposing totalitarian rule on the peoples of the Soviet Union. So while they may have been innocent of the charges laid against them, they were in many cases guilty of other crimes. And if they did nothing to oppose Stalin then they were, morally at least, guilty of that inaction.

Am I misunderstanding the situation ?

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