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May 15, 2008



On a similar tack, I couldn't understand my so many public figures (including, to his eternal shame, Tony Blair) were so quick to fete the memory of Enoch Powell when he died.

Powell's views were repellent - yet few politicians, with Roy Hattersley a notable exception, were prepared to say so when he died.

Snorri Godhi

While I am by no means an apologist for Lenin, I wonder whether he can really be considered a worse tyrant than Leopold II. The latter is, to the best of my limited knowledge, by far the most criminal capitalist, at least since the abolition of the slave trade; yet he has mostly escaped the censure of people on the Left, from social-democrats all the way to Chomskyites.


From the New Statesman's round-up of this week's blogging:

What have we learned this week

This week, Crooked Timber, explored Oliver Kamm's allegations that Thoroughly Modern Miliband's dad, Ralph "thoroughly Marxist" Miliband, was a keen supporter of Cambodian genocidal dictator Pol Pot. He undertakes a robust deconstruction of the alleged slur. Kamm's views on Miliband the elder can be read in full here and here.


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