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May 15, 2008



I too am delighted with the outcome of this case.

It reminded me vividly of the row over the BBC's The Secret Policeman, another undercover investigation that was clearly in the public interest and which could equally clearly not have been conducted any other way.

In this case, the programme was met with a chorus of condemnation (cheerled, shamefully, by the then Home Secretary David Blunkett), though it thankfully evaporated when it was actually broadcast, and the importance of Mark Daly's findings and the incontrovertible evidence of racist behaviour amongst police recruits became impossible to deny.

What's worrying about the 'Undercover Mosque' saga is that the police and CPS condemnation continued after the programme had been aired, despite the fact that the production company's conduct seems to have been entirely professional throughout. Which is a dangerous development, and so the apology and compensation is to be thoroughly welcomed by anyone who cares about the legitimacy of serious investigative journalism.


And does the Muslim Police Officer who instigated and lead the investigation face disciplinary proceedings.....?

*long silence*

Ah there IS one law for us normal people and one for the liberals!

Peter Risdon

There is nothing liberal about incitement to hatred, violence and murder, nor is shooting messengers a liberal pastime.


This has happened before: Donal MacIntyre sued the Chief Constable of Kent in 2002 after he was accused of wasting police time over a report into poor conditions in a care-home for adults with learning disabilities. MacIntyre won substantial damages.

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