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June 02, 2008



"I can't recall a single constituency battle in which the abortion issue was electorally significant,"

Why that's almost enough to make one want to hop the puddle!

Jeff Lewelling

I very much enjoy reading your thoughts. You go to great lengths to be very specific in articulating your views. With this in mind I applaud the qualifier you insert at the end of this post: "These observations are impressionistic rather than analytical"

This appropriately describes what would otherwise be a fall on the floor laugh my self to tears statement: "It is families who know instinctively that curtailing the availability of safe and legal abortion is destructive of family life." You can (and have in the past on this blog) make a rhetorical argument that it is within the realms of possibility this might be true but any attempt to actually demonstrate this empirically beyond your "impressions" and "instinct" would be a challenge.

Lets see, where can one find a society without access to legal abortion abortion where family life is generally being destroyed (and of course this destruction can be seen to be attributable to lack of access to legal abortion)?

Now lets examine the health of "family life" where legal access to abortion is unfettered (publicly subsidized with no societal disapproval)?

This exercise is complex but even a cursory reflection should at least cast serious doubts on whether the instincts and impressions leading you to feel concern over the possible destruction of family life have merit. Any merit.

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