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June 02, 2008



While I naturally understand the need for circumspection, given the very real threat of prosecution for criminal harassment, I remain sceptical about whether these two other members exist, given the lack of distinguishing marks pertaining to the future honourable member for Bradford such as a name or any other clues as to his or her existence.

And though I'm quite prepared to concede the physical existence of Biggles fan Neil Clark, his curious reluctance to confirm his BPA candidacy (as demonstrated by his apparent refusal to permit any comments referring to it), leads me to conclude that David Lindsay's assumption that he's "doing things his way" and "quietly getting on with" canvassing the good people of Wantage might be a tad over-optimistic.

I also find Lindsay's repeated insistence on linking the word "we" to his inaugural British People's Alliance post to be strongly reminiscent of an excessively protesting lady. If he's that self-conscious about it, why doesn't he just ask the other BPA members to go public? A mere handful should be sufficient to silence any doubters.


Worrying news for the Obama campaign. David has threatened to withhold his endorsement unless Obama adopts the BPA's four-point manifesto.

This thread is also worth a glance, if only to marvel at the way David presents his appearance on the letters-page of the Northern Cross (a Catholic freesheet newspaper, published monthly) as equivalent to the official endorsement of the BPA by 'Holy Mother Church'. Several commenters have urged David to post the letter on his blog, but David seems strangely reluctant to do so; I wonder why?


I'm intrigued to see that he regards Osama bin Laden as a greater authority on Polish history than, well, just about every serious Polish historian.

And I'm amused to see that one of many, many sources that confirm that the Battle of Vienna did indeed occur on September 12th (as opposed to the symbolically significant September 11, as Lindsay would prefer to believe) is the Catholic Encyclopaedia.

Can Lindsay's brain cope with this cognitive dissonance?


I recommend this comments thread as an example of how David responds to accusations of suppressing criticism and inserting his own anonymous supportive comments.


Is pathological sockpuppetry a recognised condition? As someone once said of Basil Fawlty, "there's enough material there for an entire conference".


Lindsay's delusions reach a new plane of self-aggrandising absurdity:

"I know that the British People's Alliance is being viewed very favourably at or near the top of the Catholic Church in this country; I arranged that myself. I am frequently told by people whom I trust that Rome itself is keeping a benevolent eye on us. And I am also now informed that the great and the good of the Church of England are doing likewise."

Perhaps Benedict himself is a regular reader of Lindsay's blog?

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