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July 26, 2008



"Leaders who are plainly not up to the job but whose hearts are judged to be in the right place are indulged."

Do Labour supporters consider Gordon Brown's heart to be in the right place though?

Brown doesn't resemble Labour's other worst leaders who failed because of their adherence to the hard left, which left the unpopular in the country but beloved by the activists.

Instead Brown initially made several brazen yet incompetent attempts to win the support of the Daily Mail by promising "British jobs for British workers" and abolishing the 10p tax rate. So it is hard to see why even the most sentimental Labour supporter would want him to stay.

David not T

Absolutely right Ross.
Gordon is disliked all the more by labour party supporters (with the exception of our genial host) because lots of us projected our own politics onto him - something he actively encouraged of course - and now he is revealed as Blair minus charisma and courage.
The SNP victory is the result of the popular Holyrood government giving their people something to vote for - I can't think of many reasons to vote Labour.

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